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Why work with Option Care?

At Option Care we are committed to supporting the care workers who go through us, providing them with everything they need to enjoy a successful career in the care industry and equipping them to provide top quality care to our service users.

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Apply To Work With Us

If you would like to work with us, please download the application form by clicking the icon below:

Once you have completed the application form, please send it to us via email at:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Contact Details

Please pop in to our office at:

62 Oakdene Avenue

Chislehurst, Kent


Email us at:

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FAQs - Giving Care

  • What are the benefits of working for Option Care Limited?
    Flexible shifts to suit your desired work-life balance Versatile and supportive work environment Various work locations across the UK A change to meet and work with high quality people
  • How does the recruitment process work at Option Care Limited?
    All recruited employees will be required to provide a National Insurance number, with evidence that it is valid (P45, NI Card). All applicants will be required to establish their identity, using photographic evidence (photographic drivers licence, passport, etc) for criminal record checks, and all candidates will be required to produce documentation of any change of name (e.g. marriage licence), or sign a declaration stating the reason for the name change. After initial background checks, candidates will be invited to an in-depth interview with an experienced interviewer from Option Care. Interviewers who are not completely sure that they can comply with the highest standards of interviewing will seek and take the advice of the Registered Provider prior to engaging in interviews. It is a requirement that for each interview a strategy is implemented to test the applicant against previously agreed standards, and that these tests are carried out and recorded. Specific attention will be given to avoiding discrimination of any kind. Care will be taken to ensure that the interviewee has all of the information they require in order to fully understand the job on offer, their responsibilities and, conversely, that no false impressions are conveyed.
  • What ongoing training does Option Care Limited provide?
    Option Care Limited believes that continuous improvement of its services is dependent upon the continuous development of the skills of its workforce. The organisation will therefore review and plan for that continuous development, with the training offered being comprised of both in-house and external training sessions which employees are encouraged to attend each year.
  • Do I need to be registered with the CQC to be a live-in carer?
    It depends on the type of care you are providing, but since Option Care Ltd is registered with CQC, this will cover you as well.
  • Who pays me?
    Option Care Ltd will pay you on pay day at the end of each month, as per the rate agreed in your contract during the hiring process.
  • How much will I get paid?
    Competitive rates will be agreed during the hiring process and signed off in your contract, before any work is completed.
  • Can I choose when I work?
    We have various shifts available in different locations, and you can choose when you want to work.
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